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Napper with Dogs (but not a Dognapper)

After completing a B.A. at Sarah Lawrence College and an M.F.A. at the University of Florida, I started but did not finish a Ph.D. at the University of Utah. Despite abandoning the graduate program that had been my raison d'ĂȘtre for moving to Salt Lake City, I stayed for 16 years, during which I had several career changes, made good friends, and met my husband (Kelly) and Feldman the wonder dog.

We relocated to the Florida panhandle in 2008 to get away from the Wasatch Front's crummy air quality and to be near my grandparents, who'd moved into an assisted living facility in Gulf Breeze FL the year before. My grandfather lived until 2014, my grandmother until 2017.

After the move I made a few more career jumps before settling into the affordable housing industry courtesy of the City of Pensacola's Housing Division, where I've worked since 2010. Kelly and I now live in the Myrtle Grove neighborhood of Pensacola with our dogs, Roxy, Maggie, and Franklin; our cats, Spot and Dot; and our oak trees, Oakey, Pokey, and Hokey. Feldman died in March 2018, to our everlasting sorrow.

My debut novel, Mitigating Circumstances, an environmental mystery set in Gulf Breeze, was published by Five Star/Cengage in January 2014. Kirkus called it "an enjoyable read with strong, likable women holding center stage."

In July 2018, I finished another novel, a family saga that has preoccupied me for decades, and I'm currently (Dec 2018) shopping it around. Shorter examples of my writing (poems, short stories, very short stories, extremely short stories, essays, blog posts, business writing, etc.) can be found scattered like hraka across the World Wide Web.